About MECA
Established nearly 60 years ago, Merrick Estates Civic Association was created as a local community center to bring families together in a beautiful, fun, outdoor environment.

MECA features a members-only pool and play areas which include a diving board, water slide, kiddie pool, sandbox, basketball hoop, and beach volleyball court. Additional amenities include ice cream, an ice machine, sports and children’s activities, arts & crafts, and scheduled barbecues and parties.

Come enjoy the summer close by with neighbors at one of Long Island’s oldest established community pools!
Pool Safety

Our Lifeguards are certified and trained in pool safety and lifesaving techniques. Their job is to safeguard our members and to maintain safe practices in and around the pools, the pool decks, and the bay.

All directions given by the lifeguards must be strictly followed. The Lifeguards report to the Manager, who in turn reports to the Board of Directors. The Lifeguards will enforce the rules of MECA, as directed by the Manager and the Board.

Lifeguards are not permitted to babysit or discipline children, except to reprimand those who violate safety or other rules. Children who violate pool rules will be asked to leave the pool. Parents of children that persist in violating safety rules or exhibit unacceptable behavior will be requested to control or remove their children from the premises.

Lifeguards are not responsible for babysitting or supervising children in the absence of their parents. No children under 14 shall be permitted into the facility without the supervision of an adult.

Your cooperation in supporting good safety behavior, adherence to Club rules, and consideration of others by your children will be greatly appreciated by the MECA family.

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Rules & Policies

Safety must be maintained at all times. The Pool Manager, Gate Guard, and Lifeguards are empowered to maintain such good order and safety to compel observance of these rules, and to evict anyone for the infraction of these rules.

All members and guests must sign in upon entering the pool area.

There are to be absolutely no glass or glass containers of any kind may be brought onto the property. This includes items that are stored in portable coolers.

Running is not permitted within the pool area.

Proper swimming attire must be worn by all individuals using the pool. Children who are not fully potty-trained must wear a swim diaper while in any pool, at all times. Disposable diapers, cloth diapers and/or plastic pants alone may not be worn into the pool for sanitary reasons.

If your child needs to wear a swim diaper, please have them swim in the kiddie pool. The main pool is much larger and takes much longer to “shock” the germs out. This means the main pool could be closed for an entire day or longer. If your child defecates in the MAIN pool, your membership may be suspended and you will NOT be issued a refund.

Chairs, baby strollers, and play pens must be kept a safe distance of at least 5 feet from all pool entries and pool edges.

No unattended child may be on the rooftop lounge without a parent or caretaker.

No dogs or other animals shall be permitted onto the premises.

No fires are to be ignited on the premises for any purpose, at any time. While MECA does operate a grill on site during specific MECA sponsored events, they are only to be operated by designated personnel. The grills are not available for member usage, at any time.

Bicycles are to be parked in the designated bicycle rack only.

MECA is a neighborhood pool and we like to think of ourselves as a family.  However, the Board of Directors does reserve the right to revoke the membership of any member or member family who repeatedly violates the rules and regulations of MECA.  Fair verbal and written warnings will be given prior to any revocation.  If the Board determines that membership should be revoked as a result of repeated violations of the rules, no refunds will be granted.


All membership dues are to be paid in full, in accordance with the published payment schedule. All payments are non-refundable.

A household membership covers all residents living at a single address, including a full-time live-in nanny or au pair.

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Caretaker Policy

A member household may add an individual (or multiple individuals, subject to prior written request and approval) to act as a caretaker and/or babysitter, to the member household child(ren), for an additional fee of $100 (for the season). This individual shall herein be referred to as a “Caretaker”. The Caretaker fee shall be $100 regardless of when the Caretaker is added to the family membership. The Caretaker’s name must be submitted in advance, at the time this payment is made. Only a Caretaker on record will be permitted to accompany a member child onto MECA’s premises.

The Caretaker shall be at least 17 years old. A qualified member family must have at least one child under the age of 14 present at MECA when the indiviual is on the MECA premises. Such may only be at MECA when the member child(ren) are present, with the express purpose of supervising the member child(ren) in the absence of either one or both member parent(s).

Please note that if a grandparent/other family member is named as a Caretaker, only that grandparent/family member shall be admitted, and any other grandparent/family member seeking admission to MECA must comply with all guest policies as stated herein. A named individual acting in this capacity shall be someone that does NOT reside with a member family. Those caretakers that reside with a member family must be listed in the Household Names section of the application. Non-members cannot be added as caretakers to household accounts for the purpose of that household bringing the non-members children as guests along with the children’s parent acting as caregiver. If a caregiver is present with their own kids as guests, full membership is required.

In the absence of any child’s parent from the MECA premises, the Caretaker assumes full responsibility of the child(ren) and stands in place of the parent. Any member family that violates the terms and purpose of the Caretaker policy shall be subject to termination of its membership..
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First Aid
First Aid is available in the Lifeguard Office. Please report any injuries to the lifeguards on duty, to the Manager, or Board Members that may be present. You may be asked to complete an accident report if the injury is serious or requires additional or emergency treatment.
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